About Us

Our Story

Two years ago, Dr. Tracey Flemming realized just how unhealthy the food options around Sumter, SC were during training for a body building competition. Upon voicing this to her trainer at the YMCA, Missy Corrigan, Missy had the wonderful idea for Tracey to open her own restaurant to bring healthy southern cuisine to Sumter. As the idea began to be born, Tracey has done all of her research and work herself to make the idea come to life. Now, our building at 154 South Main Street is being renovated to bring healthy, local, and fresh foods to Sumter, SC. Look for more information frequently as we update you on the progress of the restaurant! 

Our Food

We've decided to change our approach to our menu. We have introduced our all new protein bowl menu, which we are very proud of.  When you're on the go, it's nice to have everything in one dish! We will still offer healthier, delicious options, but in a sleek style. Try one of our protein bowls and you'll be hooked!